My love for water

31 07 2010

As usual the bamboo bunch has been spending quite a bit of time outside.  In addition to the regular kayaking, hiking and camping, I have added some variety to the routine (ok, if you know me at all, my life is anything but routine).   I’ll dig into the water stuff for this post and share my other activities a little later on.

I think our first kayaking venture took place the last weekend in March.  There were about a dozen of us standing around the landing parking lot trying to decide which river to run.  We had just received quite a bit of rain so we knew (kinda) what we were getting ourselves into.  We were so anxious to get back in our boats that we wanted to challenge ourselves on a river we had never done before which was known for downed trees and some twisty turns.  I believe the temps were in the 50’s with the water temps maybe in the 40’s.  I was the first (wo)man down….got hung up in an overhanging branch, knocked me out for a bit, current ripped off my sandal and my storage cover, and down the river went my boat.  Luckily my friend saved it along with 2 other boats our crew lost that day.  My friend and my sister both got sucked in by a fallen tree….and miraculously we all survived.  Needless to say our trips since then have been pretty tame.

Cobb River Crew

Anybody seen a Keen floating downstream?

My sister bought a boat this summer which has been awesome since I’ve been getting back into wakeboarding.  I was so pumped to get back on the lake that I wiggled into my brother’s wetsuit and jumped in on April 2nd.  I have never in my life willingly swam in a mid-western lake that early in the year.  It was worth it though….

We’ve done several other kayaking trips this summer including the Maple and Blue Earth rivers.  I was hoping to take a trip with the boats up north this summer but holy heck where has the summer gone already?  I also wanted to take another shot at the kayak race up on Lake Superior next weekend, but a friend of mine decided to go ahead and get married so that’s on hold until next year.

Photo pose at Red Jacket landing after running the Maple/LeSueur rivers

Family and friend paddle down the Maple

1st annual Femrite Float down the Blue Earth

Lunch break and limbo contest during the annual Blue Earth River Rock Hopper float. Pretty sure there were about 200 people on the river that day...way too much fun.

Plenty of sun....plenty of Fat Tire




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