Changing seasons….

22 07 2010

I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately about the business, so thought it was time to update all of our fans.  As you are well aware the economy has really taken a toll on small businesses, including Naturally Bamboo.  We are at the point that the business cannot sustain itself the way it is currently being run.  We are trying to compete with large brands with large operating budgets and without outside investment or a strategic partnership, I fear we may not survive.

If you know me at all, you know that I do not give up easily and will fight to the very end.  I have put my heart, soul (and second mortgage) into Naturally Bamboo and a piece of me would die if I had to let it go.  Although we have halted production for the summer, our hope is to bounce back this fall in a big way.

My work this summer has focused on business consultant and investor meetings and not so much product development which takes an enormous amount of time and money.  I’m happy to be spending quite a bit of time with my boys this summer and look forward to my bi-annual trip to Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City the first week in August.  I have key appointments set up at the show and am excited to explore new relationships with some awesome brands.  Can’t say too much more right now so I don’t have to worry my friends if I end up needing to move to the West Coast, Europe or Asia.

I have the passion, dedication and knowledge to really make a positive influence in this industry….just need to keep looking for that right partner who believes in the Naturally Bamboo mission as much as I do.

Many thanks goes out to my family and friends who have stood by my side during this wild & crazy ride!




4 responses

22 07 2010

Hang in there April- If anyone can make it work- you can! Naturally Bamboo is awesome! And I of course would welcome your move to the West Coast 🙂

22 07 2010

Thanks Amy…do we get to hang at OR next month?

27 07 2010

April, from adversity comes opportunity. There are thousands of small businesses in exactly your position. Those that’ll ultimately thrive are the ones with the conviction to stand by their mission. And the awareness to realize that missions can manifest themselves in different ways.

Dang, that sounded pretty heavy. I think what I meant to say was “stick to yer guns and see ya at OR!”

30 07 2010

Thanks for the pep talk John! For sure we need to grab a beer together at OR…I’ll be there Monday-Thursday

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