Santa Sprint

15 12 2009

This past Saturday both Kallen (6) and Noah (3) ran the Santa Sprint sponsored by the Mankato YMCA.  I didn’t plan on Noah running since he hadn’t shown an interest before, but he was gung ho that day!  It was a great morning to get the boys outside – 20 degrees and sunny.  There were 3 different age “heats”, and the trail was only marked for 1/8 mile.  The boys were so cute because they wanted to run together in each of their age categories, so they ended up running 1/4 mile.  Since they didn’t have an adult run, Jason and I ran on our own about 3 miles after the kids were done.  Our next family race event will be The Frigid 5k and Kid’s 2 mile run in February.

All lined up and ready to go. Kallen is on far right with the red bamboo beanie.

Noah had the biggest smile on his face crossing the finish line.

Kallen (on left) was a fast little dude.

Noah tried hanging with the 5 & 6 year olds but pooped out at the end.




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