Playing catch up…..

12 11 2009

I apologize it has been a while since my last post, but between the Forbes competition, daily biz tasks, shuffling kids around and playing outside it’s been a busy Fall!  We have had such incredibly beautiful weather for November that the kayaks are still waiting in the garage for their last paddle of the year.

We spent Labor Day weekend camping out with Jason’s brother & family up in Elk River.  They just bought a lot right on the river that they plan to build on in the future so we decided to kayak 2 days on the Elk River to check out the area.


Kallen going solo for the first time

In addition to the usual hiking, geocaching, camping and kayaking that we normally do around here, for some unknown reason I have decided to become a runner.  It seems like every year I try and take up the sport but eventually pitter out after a few weeks.  Shortly after my birthday in August someone or something lit a fire under my ass to give running another shot, and I’m happy to say I’m still at it.  I met my goal this Fall of running in a 5k (actually done 2 so far) and my new goal is to run a 10k in the Spring.

Our first “official” race was the 2 mile Jaguar Jog through Rasmussen Woods here in Mankato.  It was a gorgeous morning, spent time with family & friends, and we raised over $1500 for Kallen’s elementary school.  The turnout was pretty good for a first year event and included over 50 Jefferson students, parents and teachers.


Kallen (on right) placed 5th overall and his best buddy Brendan took 1st   (they are some fast 1st graders!).  Looks like we got some future track stars on our hands….


Although there were a bunch of kiddies in front of us, Jason was 2nd adult finisher (even after pushing Noah in the jogging stroller), sister Jenny was 3rd and I was fourth (I’m blaming the old dog).


Even Maggie got a medal


Feeling like a ninja after taking 4th place at the Carter Kern fundraiser 5k

Jason, Jenny (sister) and myself ran the Halloween 5k in St.Peter and it was a blast.  Over 830 crazy people in costumes made for some good people watching.  The best costume I saw was a lady dressed as the Hamburger Helper glove.  Think her costume weighed more than she did and she amazingly ran the entire distance .  Jason did awesome for his first 5k – placed 95th with a time of 24:21.  I came in 291/830 with a time of 28:30 and Jenny did well coming in 20 seconds behind me (I lost her someone after the ghost mile 1 marker).  Can’t wait to do it again next year and I think Kallen will be ready to run this one as well….


Me and Jason were the Black Eyed Peas

This past weekend Jason and I went camping for the last time (I think) until Spring.  Just did a quick one-nighter to Big Woods State Park near Northfield.  We hiked almost all of the trails and got some good one on one bonding time with the dogs.


I am pondering how we are both fitting into J's normally one-person Boundary Waters tent


Snug as a bug, but we did both fit! Reminded me of back in college when we both would squeeze into a twin bed.


Mexican beer camping style

My mom took the boys for the weekend and she was worried about us hiking during deer hunting opener.  So, I wore an orange shirt to make her feel better….


Ok, time for bed…I’m on week 3 of a 6 week boot camp and 5:30am comes way too early.