Vasque Gear Review

19 07 2009

I’m not a professional gear tester but thought I’d try to do few gear reviews every now and then of stuff I really like.  First up is the Vasque Aether Tech SS trail running shoe.  Jason has been wearing Vasque shoes for years, but I just got my first pair about 6 months ago.  The main feature of the shoe is the Boa Lacing System which is kinda like a tension dial system to make your shoes fit just right.  Instead of tie laces, the dial is a plastic knob that you pull up and twist until you get your desired tightness and then you snap the knob down to lock in place.  I think this system is ingenious because you will never have to stop and re-tie your shoes ever again.  Once the boa system is locked into place, these shoes absolutely fit like a glove.

We both felt that these shoes were very comfortable although they could use a tad more padding on the ball of your feet.  Jason likes the same amount of cushion like his Vasque Velocity’s have.  I just think I’m way too used to wearing my Keens all the time and I get used to extreme cushy-ness.  Jason mostly wears his for trail running, but I wear mine for a little of everything – trail running, tennis, aerobics, and indoor volleyball.  I’m not the type of person who buys a pair of shoes for every different sport – I like stuff that’s versatile and these shoes fit the bill.  I wear 4 kinds of shoes – the Vasque Aether Tech SS, Keen Voyageur hiking shoes, Keen Newport H2 sandals, and Reef flip flops.

The Aether Tech SS tolerates dewy grass and puddles pretty well so feet don’t get wet.  They also keep out debris – no wood chips, pebbles, etc. have ever gotten into my shoes.  Jason sometimes uses his Vasque’s for hiking and he told me he carried a 40 pound pack for several hours and his feet never hurt in these shoes.  These shoes are very lightweight and are made for trail running and hiking on fairly even surfaces.  The only drawback we notice is that the Boa Lacing System can sometimes dig into your foot when you are running down a steep hill.

Overall we give these shoes 4.5 out of 5 stars.  So go out and get yourself a pair and support another Minnesota based company!

My women's Vasque Aether Tech

My women's Vasque Aether Tech

Men's Vasque Aether Tech

Men's Vasque Aether Tech

I took this pic at the Acampa Outfitters in San Juan, Puerto Rico when we were there last March.  I don’t know how hold these things are or what kind of boot/shoe they are – so maybe someone from Vasque can give me the history behind them.

Vasque shoes on display at Acampa Outfitters, PR

Vasque shoes on display at Acampa Outfitters, PR




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