Latest bike journey update from Noah, our sponsored athlete

24 04 2009

The Tonsai beach boys were starting to get out of hand, our collected group of personalities from all corners of the globe were ruling and right on schedule to surpass the longest stretch of saturdays currently being held by another group of derelicts from the Fort collins/steamboat region from the great state of ColoRado. Sometimes when you are on top and smashing ever conceivable notion of how much fun you can squeeze out of life you receive an awaking. My awaking came in the form of a series of events that has now left me poor, unable to sit down comfortably( insert joke here) and completely dependent upon the altruistic notions of those around me.

I have once again managed to get myself robbed. All my personal effects were removed from my lifeless body as I was flirting with death last sunday. The last time I was robbed i was sitting in a park contemplating what to do and feeling slightly sorry for my sad situation when i saw a terrible accident were a beautiful girl younger then myself was killed. It was at this point that an sweet angel manifested in the form of a 5 foot three inch Thai women came to my aid and helped me through my dismal situation. This time was not so different, my newly acquired brethren kicked in some funds and I was able to catch a boat out of Tonsai to visit big Momma and then take a bus to Bkk were I find myself now.

Having trivial things such as money, electronics and other objects that we place extreme importance upon removed from you shows you what is truly the most important thing in this heretic world and that is the positive intentions of good people. I have discussed at length with some friends whether or not Altruism exists and through my hazardous and silly life i have found that humans are inherently good people and lead with the heart when given the opportunity.

Triple Booya to all of you, If anything I hope this poorly written message will help you through any tough predicament that you find jahself in in the future. The ebb & flow of life cannot be predicted and when life gives you lemons it’s the manner in which you react that dictates the type of person that you are and seek to be. Smile frequently and never let bad events change your feelings towards other people. We can never give up on each other because were intrinsically linked together through the motions of life.

Whew. i know most of this message does not make any sense but i have a very short amount of time since I can only afford an hour of internet service. I had allot on my mind and my journal was ruined in a monsoon a week ago so this had to suffice. On a funnier note I thought all of you could get a a laugh knowing that I ‘ll be riding my bicycle with a slight case of torn’ass’amiss’minimus. I obviously cannot pay a doctor now to give me a proper check up but long story shortened I was practicing some new tricks on my slackline when i fell and ripped my ass in half….. oh my oh my…. it really hurts.

Anyways, see ya much love and positive vibrations and keep in mind a rolling stone gathers no more ass swelling.





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