Update from our sponsored athlete

6 04 2009

And now here’s a word from Noah Noble – bicycle adventurist.  Whew!!! I’m glad he checked in since I hadn’t heard from him in a while.  He made it 4500 km’s (2796 miles)!!

Cruising on a bicycle at night on winding roads during a tropical storm is not the safest idea, now throw in the fact that Thailand has one of the highest rates of alcoholism and virtually no driving laws intact and you arrive at a very dangerous cocktail.

Here I sit dripping wet at comfortable computer kiosk in the “Narrowest part of Thailand” so the sign said a few km’s back.

Arriving in Thailand I immediately ordered my favorite meal, it’s hard to find a delicious meal in Cambodia, this is a bold statement, and the food has the same ingredients as Thai but is lacking something. Anyways I ordered my Pad Khao Pow and set my bicycle against a Narrow wall, possibly the Narrowest, well my rig fell against an adjacent water fixture and I created a lovely stream of water several feet high. Just celebrating the water festival early that’s all.  The women who owned the shopped was not pleased to meet me Jack’ass’a’Miss Maximums. A few kind words of Thai and a joke in her language must have eased her dismay as she was smiling and raising her hand to hit me in a mocking manner. This stunt did cost me about ten bucks pretty much all the money I have, so I might be spending a soggy night outside since there are no banks open at this hour. OH well

I must be keeping this short since I can only afford the 15 baht for one hour.  I will have to drop another message in the future with all my rambles and so fourth.  I just wanted to give a positive shout out to all my friends and loved ones out there.  My Tour will be wrapping up in a day or two since my bro flew out to Thailand and we will unite and continue on foot.  4500 km’s and lots of GREAT TIMES. I have learned one thing traveling alone gives you the opportunity for a lot of self discovery and so fourth and I have done plenty along this trip and the other solo mission I have embarked upon. Sharing memories with other just may hold more significance. Companionship is lovely and all of you were with me at some point believe Me.  Having said this I want to extend an offer to any interested parties. My contract for work expires in October; consequently my mantra of “everyday is Saturday” will have change to “everyday is Friday”, ahh but Friday is a good day as well.

Anyways, in November I will be be taking a few Months to Explore India and Nepal via bicycle and positive vibes Baby. I would love for anyone to join me. I have so much more on my mind and I will send another message at another juncture in time.


much love Noah




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