Every Day is Saturday – by Noah Noble

2 03 2009

The next installment of our sponosred athlete’s epic…….

I hope you get a laugh. I knows it puts a smile on my face even though I can’t hear so well at the moment.

I used to believe in chance meetings but maybe nothing happens by chance. That there is a complexity of all things, interrelated and attached to one another, in time and space. I’m speaking of metaphysics, this subject still makes my pecan sized brain hurt but perhaps when it grows to the size of a walnut I will understand. Anyways, where was I chance meetings: They happen everyday in the form of connecting with a random person on the street, night bazaar, fruit stand or perhaps in a dark seedy pub at closing time and your line of sight is that of a kaleidoscope.

My chance meeting was bumping into a sweet Muslim lady who slings the dopelicious pancakes this side of the Mekong. Big MOMMA. I will come back to this in a minute.

I took the Pomi Grinders’ advice and with a shot of toughing up and baby powder the chaffing is no longer a concern for livestrong Armstrong. I pushed 1300 km’s in 12 riding days and was heaps looking forward to going to Tonsai to go spend some days climbing. Sewing it up Right Lee? I have a perfect little perch on the beach, and BD tent provides plenty of room for me and the Surly. No problem. There was even a little extra if I were to win the affection of any Ladies….but then I remembers who I lost all my game in that high stakes Poker game in Singapore.

I’m in a beautiful spot right on the beach, when your eyes are awaken by the sea and lovely limestone glistening in the morning sun you cant help but knows it’s going to be another good Saturday.

Development has need to its ugly face in all of the Krabi Providence, more elaborate buildings and lots and lots of cheap labor. Using my pre school level Thai I was able to ascertain that most of al the workers are from the Northeast, Isan, My old home. Each day a plethora of workers arrive by boat from smaller settlements away from the tourist destination. They work all day and are then go back in the evenings to there respected accommodations. The group of women I had talked to had been there two years and had idea when they would return home. Such sweet people and beautiful smiles…

Tonsai is a climbers club med. Flip flop approaches in all aspects so you can climb at any point in the day. The climbing is bomber. Thousands of routes and the views can’t be beat. After a long day of holding jah self to a rock all day there is no better way to relax then with some Signha or Chang 22 oz curls. At talking about how nasty you looked at the crux… whew alright that’s embellished. But I promise you it’s great. Although two nights I swore I WOULD NEVER RETURN.

I haven’t climbed since my overzealous slush ball ( Steamboat D league softball) accident. Of course I’m referring to the incident that happened like this:

As the sun was setting the orange danced intriguingly with the purple at the horizon. It was tie game and we were still in last place in the division. But we had some fight that night, it was tied going into late innings. As I was dancing and finishing my fifth or sixth PBR of the evening I had a flash back to a youngster with his flat billed cap goofy expression and 35 kilo frame. A baseball player in his prime with his stirrups pulled high. It was at this moment that there was a crack of a bat. I was thrursted into motion by my potent fuel source (PBR of course) the hecklers on the bench never thought I would make it to the well placed ball, a gapper is the proper term in the big’s, anyways I lurched forward and for a moment I was the hero and I was right there along sides of KEN GRIFFY JR. My childhood hero. Well  moment ended as I rolled over my arm and ended with an empty glove and torn muscle in my shoulder….I is that good….

So I not in super good shape but after just a few days I’m feeling it. My arm is strong and I’m pumped climber harder and harder each day. Well this is where things unravel very briefly and I unfortunately had a Sunday or two….

If you go to Tonsai beware of the Tonsai Tummy, nearly everyone there will get sick for a day or two, not to my surprise I get a mild case a spend one days spewing from both ends. No worries. Two more days and my bro and climbing partner Johannas informs me at midnight that it’s his birthday. I jump at the occasion and we drink my favorite tequila, well the night grows and the booze tally does as well. Self inflicted sickness rest day. It’s been difficult for me to drive myself through a full yoga session, but my friend is interested and for a few days I do a class for us and it grows to about an hour. I’m in a gorgeous place practicing yoga and climbing everyday. So happy.

I get sick, it starts in my right ear and then spreads to my entire head, I have never suffered from migraines and not I’m getting some serious ones. The fevers remain low key until night and then it keep’s me up all night.. It was at this point that the reggae bar not from my tent starting playing techno on account of the full moon ands rave inspiration I assume. I sick and I’m starting to lose my hearing. On the third day there a blood laced fluid coming out of the ears, I take it as a sign to leave Tonsai with some unfinished projects next time…

My chance meeting with big momma was like all other ones random and unforeseen. The sidewall of my tire exploded and left me in krabi with a new plan to throw together. I do a quick patch job that with only last a few km’s. I cruise into the night market and start asking where to camp. Well BIG Mama invites me home and we ended up spending two full days together. I went to a funeral procession with her, worked alongside her at her stall slinging the roti’s (pancakes), and the other simplest and richest aspects of life laughing and smiling. The fundamentals.

I knew if I made it back to BM she should lend me a hand would help me mend. Cause I’m haggard no energy, no chub, no dice. I managed to get to Big Mamma’s and collapse. There I have spent the last five days and nights. One the first night my temperature was at 41.5 which for us shunners of the metric system are like a 104.5. They covered me in cold towels and slowly over I don’t know how many hours, brought my fever down. After visiting the doctor it turns out that I had an inner ear infection and I had been taking some drops on the beach that I assumed would help…no made it worse and being the brilliant super scuba Steve I managed to blow a hole in my right ear drum. I keep trying to clear my left ear I remember and with all the bacteria and the pressure from my continuous attempts the right eardrum balked.

It’s all good now. Today was the first in close to ten that I have my strength back and the good doctor told me my ears will heal fully in the next two weeks. The constant ringing well annoying but there’s no sense in thinking of the negatives with so many positive things surrounding us.

Alright I have some great photos but I lost my camera connecter thing a mig jigger that transfers the info to the computer. When I get to Bangkok I shoot out some photos. It’s nice to have an image to put to words.

Much love and positive vibes from SE Asia. Peace.

Scuba Steve.

Please for my sake and everyone around you do not encourage the wide spread use of techno music… It’s just bad and can drive people crazy it almost got me.. It’s funny in hindsight at one point in my mild hallucination with a raging fever and blown eardrum I was sure that’s what purgatory would be…anyways I hope your all fantastically well. Much love and triple booya to you and yours




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