Production time – maybe?

24 02 2009

I was supposed to be up in Savage today overseeing the spring 2009 production for several of our retail accounts.  However, our fabric has yet to arrive from Canada and I am hoping that we can get started tomorrow.  I am also crossing my fingers that there is not another fabric delay like last time – it was either issues with customs or DHL or maybe both.

So instead, I took Noah down to Sibley park and zoo.  It just has a few animals – goats, alpacas, minature horses and cows (wow, like we don’t see those often in southern Minnesota).  Here’s some pics of me along with Noah and my niece Jocelyn.  Check out the mittens I am wearing, they are from Northland Woolen Mills in Nelson, MN and are made of natural fibers from recycled wool sweaters. They are hand pieced together and then finished by a local community of Amish women.   I like mine because they have a cool moose design.






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