Malay Cruising with Noah

19 02 2009

Good Day mates (Apa Kabar). How is everyone finding themselves today? or tonight? depending on what part of the world you find jah self on at the moment. i hope all of you find your self’s in  a good place both physically and spiritually. Anyways, for those of you who know me best you know that I’m navigating myself on my bicycle, that’s right my very own bicycle, i was about to borrow cross’ bows or the Eight Wonder of the Worlds for this expedition but I opted to get my own, through SE Asia. Today I’M in a small town Called Gundung in North east Malaysia. There is so much to say but so little enthusiasm on my part at the moment to write, I trying to find the best parts of my paper journal to transcribe how this country and first part of the trip has been. A good enough starting point could be the chaffing, yes the chaffing for those of you who have ridden a bike for 100 plus km’s a day for a week you would know what I’m referring to.  The predominately Muslim Pop here in Malaysia are quite wonderful people: soft spoken, humble and very happy (Gem bi ra). There is a stigma attached to the large Muslim population due to a few radical factions of Islam. I have found all the Muslims here very lovely.
I have had a lot of time to reflect, riding a bicycle for 5-8 hours a day leaves the mind quite busy to run freely and become nostalgic of past experiences and future expectations.  Many of you have been on my mind over the the past week and will continue to pop in from time to time I imagine.
Well I will be keeping this short I have a long distance to travel ans the sun is now directly over head (ha ri mau panas)   tiger sun: very strong.  Due to my adamant distaste for sun block i now have a large winged pattern of peeling skin on my backside. sweet!!!
Until next time keep in fresh and righteous.
Much Love and Bless






2 responses

16 03 2009

Ga Day Mate!

I happened to like the pic of the Malay children.
Can I make a copy and post it in my article?

Safe journey!

Thks in advance.


16 03 2009

sure – no problem!

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