Let’s get it started with Noah

19 02 2009

here’s the latest update from Noah….

Cheers the Bamboo shirts are incredible.  I cut the sleeves of one and it makes  a great head band.  Maybe an idea to ponder for the future I have worn heaps of head bands and bandanas bust this one is by far the sweetest. No sweet super stretchy and heaps cool. Maybe with  a cool design i.e. rasta strip or something.  I think people would eat them up.

My first time to Singapore I discriminately blew right through it various means of mass transit and spent a whopping three hours in the fair city. I has heard that it was very industry and superficial (at first glance this appears true) it’s cut and dry. Large buildings, nice cars, and the antisepsis of every city in the States. Beneath the exterior lies a wonderful mixture of people who speak a large variety of languages. I had lunch and heard at least six different languages. I made a sweet friend FIfi who invited me sleep on here couch, which was great since the average guest house in Singapore is a cool 50 bones and my partner in Crime the Pomi grinder a.ka. Don Cross has seen me haggle over accommodation that is three dollars.  All of this despite the fact that I sighed at all the old timers who would tell me they paid 30 dollars ten years ago at the Sierra Vista( My grahms and Gramps motel where I grew up and spent a brief tenure as active Manager) if you ever pass through Wofford Heights, California and see the Sierra Vista Motel you should spend a night and tell who ever is running the place( It’s constant musical chairs of who in the family might be in the hotel office) Anyways way off subject.  Singapore solid place give it a chance if your ever around.

Has anyone ever noticed how jet lag only affects you when you fly east?  Twenty hours in the air and I’m feeling Fine, even considering the late night of drinking beers with newly acquired friends.  On to Malaysia.  Ha ri Mau Panas ( Tiger Sun ) Whew..  So having mexican blood and being from California I have never felt the need to where Sun block. Well this ideology backfires when you go from winter in Colorado to the Tropics…  Yea I got heaps burned, look like an scottish bloke after hanging out in the pub all day. There’s nothing like two hundred kms of headwind and variable hills to get the morale rolling to start my trip..
Despite feeling like a cast member of the poor freshman class in “Dazed and confused” for the few days. I’m loving the serenity of simply pushing along on my bicycle. Very Simple and cruisy, some cool beats, even breath and lovely scenery every where I look.
Malaysia had some beautiful people, they tend to be more reserved then other nationalities but beneath there soft spoken manner and poltite mannerisms lies a great people full of compassion for one another.  The only pulse raising experience came at night when on the beach a cobra slithered few a few inches of teh campfire I was lounging at…. across another Fairy to the Land of Smiles Thailand
There are some significant differences between these neighboring countries. For example in Malaysia there is absolutely no pornography of any sorts and you can find a beer except at Chinese restaurants. Within in my first few km’s on Thailand I was brought over to a home and immediately force feed three beers mandatory before I was allowed to leave. I also spent my first night in Thailand watching competing brothels trying to lure in customers. Despite it’s obvious sex industry that many westerens and myself included have a hard time condoning Thailand is an incredible place. There is something here in the air, even when there is a rather pungent undiscerable fould smell in , that makes your worries melt away and you cant help but smile. The language and spirit here is infectious and I cant help but feel at home.   My first afternoon I set up myu slack line and with in Minutes I had a dozen kids jumping and smiling, laughing and busting their ass. This gave way to a game of football (soccer for as of us americans) and as the sun relented and gave birth to the moon I had a wonderful Yoga practice.  Yes I do feel at home……
I can hear in the distance Pad ka Pow calling my name. So I will leave it here for now.

Triple Booya to all my friends and Fam bam around the World.

Keep smiling keep striving.









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