Christmas Activities

19 01 2009

Sorry for backtracking, but I just got my photos uploaded from the holidays.  We traveled around the state (Minnesota) to 4 different family parties.  Got to do a lot of sledding in Alexandria and around Mankato.  Here are pics of me and my boys enjoying the winter wonderland.



Back Outside

18 01 2009

Finally got back outside today after the arctic blast last week.  It was so freaking cold here in MN that schools across the state were closed.

Took advantage of the “heat wave” today with temps almost to 30 and tried my luck at cross country skiing.  I started out following Jason through some hills with trees and brush, but after ending up on my back too many times that I cared for, I ditched him and headed back to the road and made my way to the river.

The river bottom was perfect for skiing.  Not as deep snow and relatively flat.  I only got annoyed when my golden retriever Maggie kept laying down right in front of my path to pick the snow balls out of her paws.  I need to buy her some of those doggie booties I guess.

That’s it for now, I’m getting ready to head to Salt Lake City on Wednesday for the Outdoor Retailer show.   Wish me luck!